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Four Ways to Use Old Christmas Cards


o begin with, about 2,000,000,000 are sold each year. And the Post Office is still in trouble. But our question is: what to do with those two billion cards after Christmas is over. They can’t all be in scrapbooks and shoeboxes waiting for generations to come to wonder why we saved them.

So, here are some thoughts about what to do not only with this year’s cards but last year’s and the year before that.

   1. Make new cards. Cut the backs off to avoid the "XXOO from Grandma and Grandpa" and attach a plain sheet of heavy paper or a plain white index card. If necessary to complete the sentiment from the front of the card, repeat that message then add your own. Just try not to return the “new” card back to its original sender. On that note, you could start a tradition if the sender is very into recycling. Keep the card going back and forth. You would get it one year, enjoy it and then send it back the next year. It would make its way back to you the year after that.

   2. Make place cards. Cut the illustration from the front of the card and paste it to a 3x5 index card that’s been folded into a tent shape. The illustration can extend above the tent if necessary in order to have enough space to write the name of the person sitting at that location.

   3. Send them to a charity. There are many charitable organizations that need cards of all kinds, including Christmas cards, in order to recycle them. One is the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. It’s possible your local hospital for children could use them as well. Contact their volunteer office to ask.

   4. Make Christmas tree decorations from them. Cut out the illustration, mount it to one of those 3x5 cards if it needs it to retain its structural integrity, and use a length of recycled ribbon to hang it. You could add the sender and recipient’s name and year if you think it’s necessary.

Written by Dianne Weller
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