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march madness - basketball ornamentAs sports announcer Dick Vitale would say, “Are you ready for some March Madness baby!?”  The March Madness he is referring to is the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.  I am eager to fill out my NCAA bracket and see how well I can predict the winners!

The Tournament


The tournament consists of sixty-eight teams playing in a single elimination tournament to determine the National Champion of Men’s NCAA Division 1 college basketball.  The madness will begin on March 18, 2014 and will end with the championship game on April 7th in Arlington, Texas.  The teams include champions from 32 Division 1 conferences (which receive automatic bids), and 36 teams which are awarded at-large berths.  These at-large teams are chosen by an NCAA selection committee.

Why March Madness?

Why is it called March Madness you may ask?  Of the sixty-eight teams that enter the tournament, there are large and small schools.  Some of these schools are well known for their winning basketball programs such as Duke, Louisville and Kentucky. The smaller colleges earn a berth into the tournament with a winning season. All of the teams are very talented.  Just because they are smaller and not well known, does not mean they can’t win it all!  For example, last year Florida Golf Coast University (FGCU) was the first No. 15 seeded team to make it the Sweet 16.  This was quite a Cinderella story because most people had never heard of this college before!  FGCU was a bracket buster because fans did not pick them to advance to the final 16!


March Madness Brackets

A fun part of the madness is filling out your own NCAA bracket with the teams you think will go all the way to the national championship.  It is not easy!  With so many talented small schools, they might just beat the big guys; you never know what can happen! Since the beginning of the NCAA tournament, office pools and sponsored contests have allowed college basketball fans to profit off March Madness. Depending on the stakes, winners can earn size-able payouts for successful brackets.  Since the winners are so difficult to predict, Warren Buffet, business magnate, is offering One Billion dollars to anyone who fills out a perfect March Madness Bracket this year.  If you are feeling lucky and you could use a billion dollars, fill out your perfect bracket here https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/quickenloansbracket/challenge/ He has made it easy to enter the contest and good luck!

So join in on the madness this March!  Fill out a bracket with your friends and family just for fun!  It always makes the games more exciting to watch, and you might just be surprised at how well you picked the winning teams.  Share this blog with friends and family so you can all participate in the Billion Dollar Perfect Bracket Challenge!  Shop here for a complete selection of College Christmas ornaments.