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Perfect Project for Kids!  A Cheerio Heart Christmas Ornament

Kids love Cheerios!  And, Christmas crafting with kids can be so much fun. Sometimes, the simplest projects can turn out to be the best.

This pretty Cheerio heart Christmas Ornament will be a delightful Christmastime project for you and your kids!  Only a few materials needed and quick to make.  It will look great on your tree!

cheerio heart christmas ornament

Steps to Make a Cheerio Heart Christmas Ornament

Materials needed :

  • Cheerios
  • floral wire
  • Christmas ribbon

To make the Cheerio heart Christmas ornament, we will thread Cheerios onto the floral wire.

Secure the end of the wire by bending the wire around a Cheerio. Now, when you thread the other Cheerios, they won’t fall off the other end.

Thread until the whole wire is covered with Cheerios. Yes, you can eat a few yummy Cheerios as you go!

Carefully, so as not to break any threaded Cheerios, bend the floral wire into a heart shape and secure by bending the loose end through the secured end.

Cover the join with a pretty Christmas ribbon.

And hang your lovely Cheerio heart Christmas ornament on the tree.

cheerio heart christmas ornament

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY Christmas ornament craft. I’ll be back soon with another fun and easy Christmas project… be sure to check back regularly.

Blessings and magic,

Magic Onions

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