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Buying Christmas gifts for college guys can be difficult.  You can ask them what they would like and they will reply “I don’t really need anything I am in college now.”  Don’t let them leave you stumped on what to get them. College guys are busy balancing their time between their social lives and hitting the books. Many of them are on the go from their dorm or fraternity to their next class.  Ideal gift ideas for college guys are ones that will make their lives more convenient.

ChristmasOrnaments.com’s top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for College guys:

1.  An iPad

They can use it to research topics for school papers, watch movies and for social networking.  It can also be utilized as a photo album to store the hundreds of photos they will take with all of their new friends! They would also appreciate and iPad protective cover as well. Covers are available in a variety of colors and designs.  These great gift ideas for college guys will have them never getting enough of this portable tablet!  ChristmasOrnaments.com has kept up with the technology trends with this iPad Christmas Ornament!

gift ideas for college guys - ipad

2.  A Kindle eBook reader

With this electronic reading device they can download their favorite books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. It is thin, portable and weighs less than a paperback book. Perfect size for guys who want to carry their favorite reads in their backpacks.  The Kindle is available in three styles at three price points; The Kindle Fire HD 4G, Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Paperweight. You can purchase these great gift ideas for college guys at  Amazon.com.  They will thank you for lightening their bookload. Get your college guy a Kindle and use our festive Kindle ornament as gift topper for your present!

gift ideas for college guys -kindle

3.  An Espresso maker

They can be Baristas and brew their favorite cup of Espresso or Latte in their own room.  Perfect for those late night study sessions! The Linens & Things store website offers the Nespresso Pixie Espresso machine which is the perfect size when there is little counter space. In addition to the maker, include a set of four coffee cups so he can share his creations with friends!  If these prove to be great gift ideas for college guys, next year you can give him this glass espresso Christmas ornament from ChristmasOrnaments.com.

gift ideas for college guys - espresso maker

4.  A hooded sweatshirt with his school’s name

A college guy can never have enough hooded sweatshirts with his school’s name proudly displayed across the front.  If you can’t find one for them where you live, you can give them a gift card to their college’s bookstore so they can stock up on spirit wear.  ChristmasOrnaments.com offers a wide variety of college hooded sweatshirt ornaments.  Check out our website and see if we carry an ornament for their school!


5.  A portfolio or messenger bag

A classy, leather portfolio will come in handy when they are interviewing for jobs.   It is perfect to hold resumes, pens and a tablet of paper so they can take notes.  When they land that job, they could use a sturdy messenger bag.  Gone are the days of the traditional briefcase.   Leather messenger bags are durable and hold laptop computers, papers and files.  These great gift ideas for college guys come in many styles and are great looking accessories too!  Celebrate the day they start their new job with these memorable ornaments from ChristmasOrnaments.com.


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