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When boys are little, it is easy to find Christmas presents for them.  They are happy with a box of Lego’s or the latest action figure from their favorite movie.  When they become teenagers, it can be tricky to think of Christmas gift ideas for teenage guys especially when you want to give a tangible gift rather than money.

ChristmasOrnament.com’s Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys

1. Gift card to his favorite fast food joint or local
ice cream shop

Teenage guys love food and to hang out with their friends.  They can do both while treating their buddies to hamburgers and fries!  For your convenience, gift cards to popular restaurants can be purchased at your local grocery store. For that hamburger and french fry loving teenager in your home, we have the perfect unique Christmas ornament to compliment their craving!  Check out our hamburger and fries!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys burger and fries

2.  A car care cleaning kit or accessories for his car.

Guys love their cars!  Great Christmas gift ideas for teenage guys are ones that will keep their cars looking new and cool.  A car care cleaning kit will help him detail it from the dashboard to the tires.  Or he may like to display a license plate frame with the logo of his favorite team.  Either way he will be looking very cool driving around town.  Looking for a unique way to commemorate the day he passed the driving test?  We have a cool car ornament that will remind him of that special year he began driving.


3.  Video games for their favorite gaming system.

The many video game titles available will give you several gift ideas for teenage guys.  To take the guess work out of which games are age appropriate, on the back of the game box there will be a symbol letting you know what age group it is suitable for.  Another related idea is a stylish storage unit to hold his Wii, Xbox or Playstation system and game cartridges.  (Mom will love the storage box too!)  Check out this Playstation ornament.  Any gamer would love to have this lifelike ornament hanging from their Christmas tree.  We have a wide variety of video game ornaments for the latest gaming systems!


4.  A Snowboard or surfboard depending on the climate where he lives.

Gift ideas for teenage guys can vary on where they live.  Snowboarding has become very popular on the ski hills in the Midwest, and boys on the west coast are always ready to catch the next big wave!   Snowboards can be found at sporting goods stores and a big selection of surfboards can be found on www.ronjonsurfshop.com.  They will be riding like a pro in no time with their new boards!  Maybe you will find a fire red and orange surfboard like the one pictured below!  No matter where you live, look to ChristmasOrnaments.com for cool snowboard and surfboard ornaments.


5.  IPod or music instrument lessons.

Looking for gift ideas for teenage guys who don’t want to miss a beat?  An IPod is a portable music device allowing him to download a variety of all his favorite tunes!   With the ever changing music genres out there, he will have fun choosing a variety of songs to add to his playlist. Popular models are the iPod touch and the iPod nano.  Has he dreamed of playing the guitar or drums?  Treat him to musical instrument lessons. Find a local music that offers lessons or teacher in the area where he lives. Soon he will be rocking out for all his friends and family!  Both of these are great gift ideas for teenage guys who like to create their own music. If he likes to walk to the beat of a different drummer, show him how grateful you are with the gift of a musical instrument ornament.


We hope you like our Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for teenage guys.  Check out ChristmasOrnaments.com for gifts for all occasions.  If you found our ideas helpful, please feel free to tweet and post our list to your friends on Facebook.  They will be glad you did!