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Button-Egg-WindowThe Easter holiday is just around the corner!  I would like to share a fun DIY Easter craft with you that is perfect for kids of all ages; Easter egg ornaments! You may recall this past blog post when we made Button Wreath Christmas Ornaments.  Many of you liked the convenience of using buttons you already had around the house and how easy it was.  For these reasons we decided to use buttons again, but this time we would like to add an Easter twist!

Making Easter Egg Ornaments is a Great Craft for Kids

This is a fun craft for children of all ages and it should not take them long to make their button Easter egg ornaments.  The supplies you will need are easy to find and you will like crafting with Styrofoam eggs since you will not have to worry about the kids breaking real eggs!

Supplies to Make Easter Egg Ornaments:

  • Buttons (found in your home or purchase at your local craft store)
  • Styrofoam eggs (purchase at your local craft store)
  • Headpins (use some from your sewing kit or purchase a box at your local craft store)
  • Ribbon (Easter themed ribbon or any pastel colored ribbon will look great!)

Easter Egg Ornaments Supplies

For this project, I picked up some bright springtime colored buttons from my local Hobby Lobby craft store, and used them along with buttons I already had at home.  I purchased multi-colored headpin needles, egg shaped Styrofoam balls and some ribbon.  Now it is time to have some fun and get creative!

Time To Make Button Easter Egg Ornaments!

You simply attach the buttons all around the Styrofoam egg in a mosaic type pattern by pressing the headpins into the holes of the buttons.

You can stack 2-3 buttons on top of each other to make interesting patterns, or match up different sizes of the same color buttons to create a pattern as well.  I like to use a larger button behind a smaller one to create some depth.

Leave space at the top of the egg for a bow.  Cut enough ribbon from the roll to make a bow and a loop for hanging the egg.  Using two headpins, push the pins through the bow and Styrofoam making sure it is secure enough for hanging.



As you can see, this is a simple and super cute craft!  This is a great gift to give to someone special and is a great Easter decoration too!  You can hang the Easter egg ornaments from a window, an ornament stand, or a drawer knob.  Keep it in a safe place to bring out at Christmastime and hang it on your Christmas tree!



If you like our button Easter egg ornaments craft, you may also like our unique collection of Egg ornaments.  Our Easter egg ornaments are hand painted by Austrian artisans and will look beautiful on your tree.  If you enjoyed this blog, please share it with your friends and family!  Happy crafting and have fun!