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Friday is the Fourth of July! Chances are you will be attending a parade, picnic or fireworks in your community or out of town while you are visiting family. Fourth of July is a fun day to dress in patriotic clothing and get in the spirit of the holiday! I want to share with you this cute and fun Do-It-Yourself flag shorts project that we think will be fun for kids of all ages!

Wear Flag Shorts on the Fourth of July!

It will be fun to create your own flag shorts. Get a group of family members or friends together and make shorts that you can all wear to the fireworks! Even the younger kids will be able to make these!

Supplies you will need to make your Flag Shorts:

  • Jean shorts. Can be blue or white.
  • Fabric spray paint. I used the Tulip brand and purchased at a Michaels Craft Store
  • Star stickers. They can be any size you like.
  • Painter’s Tape

flag shorts supplies

Let’s Make Flag Shorts:

Step 1:  Place newspaper in between the leg openings of the shorts so the paint does not bleed onto the back of the shorts. Since we used blue jeans we first sprayed the shorts with white paint for the background.

flag shorts step 1

Steps 2:  Place strips of tape over the white area on one leg.

flag shorts step 2

Step 3:  Using red paint, spray in-between the strips of tape.

flag shorts step 3

Step 4:  Remove the strips of tape and you have made your red and white stripes!

Flag shorts step 4

Step 5:  We wanted white stars on a blue background so we painted the shorts white, and then placed the star stickers where we wanted them.

flag shorts step 5

Step 6:  Here we are spraying blue paint over the white paint and stars so when we remove the stickers we will end up with white stars!

flag shorts step 6

Step 7:  Let the blue paint dry overnight. Remove the star stickers and you will have made your red, white and blue shorts for the Fourth of July!



I hope you liked this DIY project! It is a fun project to set up outside for all the kids in the neighborhood. They can wear the shorts to the family reunion and the fireworks! All of us here at ChristmasOrnaments.com are getting in the holiday spirit, and we are happy to be able to offer you a variety of Patriotic Christmas ornaments that are made in the USA. All of us here wish you and your families a happy and safe Fourth of July!