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Hi ChristmasOrnaments.com Friends!  I’m excited to be back to share some easy DIY ornament crafts with you…particularly this owl ornament!

I know I’m not the only crafter out there who is crazy for all things woodland. Of all the woodsy creatures, what could be cuter than a fluffy little owl? And, who needs to wait until Christmas to make this little owl ornament?

Owl Ornament

Fluffy Owl Ornament

Steps to Make A Fluffy Yarn Owl Ornament

Materials (cost > $10):

* White Wool Yarn ~ found at your local craft or yarn shop

* Two pairs of colored buttons, one pair small, one pair larger ~ found on an old sweater or at your local craft shop

* A pointy shell for his beak ~ picked up on the beach or found at your local craft shop (a piece of orange felt cut into a triangle will work just as well)

* A stick ~ picked up from your front yard

* A pair of sharp scissors

* A glue gun ~ found at your local craft store


Step 1 – wind the yarn around the palm of your hand. Wind quite a lot until the yarn is nice and thick.


Step 2 ~ cut the end of the yarn. Then, cut another piece of yarn about 6 inches long. While the yarn stack is still on your hand, thread this other piece of yarn, crossways, through the middle of the yarn stack. Gently pry the yarn stack off your hand, making sure the crosswise piece of yarn stays through the center of the yarn stack.


Step 3 ~ tie the crossways piece of yarn tight.


Step 4 ~ with your sharp scissors, cut the yarn stack through the middle on the opposite side from the piece of yarn you have just tied tightly.

Step 5 ~ your yarn stack will now look like a fluffy white moustache… if you have a child with you, put this moustache to your upper lip and ask them a questions… hear their sweet giggles as they see your funny face.

Step 6 ~ use your scissors to trim the moustache into a square pom pom… don’t be shy to cut the yarn quite short… the shorter it is, the fluffier it is.

Step 7 ~ now for the owl’s eyes. With your hot glue gun, stick the smaller button onto a larger button. Repeat for the second eye.

Step 8 ~ with your hot glue gun, stick the eyes and the shell beak onto the fluffy square pom pom.

Owl Ornament

Step 9 ~ onto the back of your owl ornament, stick a long loop of yarn for hanging.

Step 10 ~ put a liberal amount of hot glue onto the stick and stick your owl onto his perch.

And there he is… the cutest little owl ornament in the world! My guy is hanging from my chandelier and I can’t tell you how many secret admirers he has… EVERYONE is utterly in love with him. It is my best friends 40th birthday next week and, if I can bare to part with my fluffy yarn owl ornament, he’ll be her best birthday gift for sure!

If you have enjoyed making this owl ornament with me, be sure to check back soon as I will be hosting many more DIY ornament tutorials on The ChristmasOrnaments.com blog.

Blessings and magic,


Donni Webber is mom of two sunbursts of joy, wife, crafter, knitter, gardener, explorer, traveler. Come join us on our Waldorf inspired blog, The Magic Onions, where the wonder of childhood and the magic of nature collide to make each moment a precious gift. www.theMagicOnions.com