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world penguin day - penguin igloo

One of my favorite attractions to visit at the zoo is the penguin house.  I can stand outside the glass and watch those penguins for hours!  They are absolutely adorable!  I love to watch them waddle around and lead me to believe they are going to dive into the water, but they don’t!  World Penguin Day is celebrated on April 25th.  This day is a great opportunity to learn about penguins and appreciate one of the few natives of Antarctica.

World Penguin Day is April 25th!

The annual northward migration of penguins is on or around April 25th.  Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica.  Highly adaptive to life in the water, penguins have dark and white plumage, and their wings have evolved into flippers.

Ways to Celebrate World Penguin Day

Penguins are one of the world’s most popular birds.  They are relevant in popular culture books and movies, and they are funny to watch on land, but are graceful in rapid water.  So have a little fun with this day and try to do some “penguinish” things!


1  Wear black and white clothes, black tie optional!

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2  Tell a penguin joke or two.

Here are a few more penguin jokes that are sure to get a chuckle!

      • Where do penguins go to dance?
        (The snow ball!)
      •  Where does a penguin keep its money?
        (In a snow bank!)
      •  Who’s the penguin’s favorite Aunt?
        (Aunt -Arctica!)


3  Watch a penguin themed movie.


March of the Penguins – A wonderful documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Happy Feet – Animated musical family film.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Jim Carrey stars in this comedy based on the popular children’s book.


4  Visit the penguins at the zoo.


The entire family will have fun seeing the penguins at the zoo!  Like I said earlier, you will find yourself mesmerized as you watch them interact with their fellow penguins and watch them waddle and swim.

world penguin day pink penguin

Penguins are found in Antarctica, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chili, Peru, the Falkland Islands, and the Galapagos Islands.  Elsewhere they are only found in zoos.  Have you been fortunate enough to travel to any of these places and see penguins?  We would love to hear about your experience!

Have fun celebrating World Penguin Day!  But you don’t have to wait until World Penguin Day because penguins can be loved all year long!  If you love penguins you will also love our assortment of animal ornaments.  If you like this blog, and want to spread the word about World Penguin Day, please share this with your friends and family!