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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love seeing the children dressed up in their cute Halloween costumes when they come trick-or-treating. I am always prepared with lots of candy to pass out! This got me to thinking of how many Halloween ornaments we have here at ChristmasOrnaments.com that are likenesses of Halloween costumes. Over the years, we have been lucky to be a part of your Christmas celebrations and memories; we would also love to be a part of your Halloween!   Commemorate your little one’s Halloween costumes with Halloween ornaments! When the kids are older, and decorate their own tree, they will have wonderful Halloween memories!

Top 5 Traditional Halloween Costumes for Kids (That Also Resemble Our Halloween Ornaments)

According to the National Retail Federation, some of the top-selling children’s Halloween costumes are:

1)  Princess. Girls love to dress up like princesses. Give your pretty little princess this adorable princess ornament.

Princess Halloween ornaments2)  Lady Bug. Little ones look as “snug as a bug” dressed up as lady bugs. Our lady bug ornament is also a toy! Pull the string and the arms and legs go up and down!

Lady-Bug-Halloween-Ornament3)  Pirate. Little boys like to dress up as pirates and pretend they are searching for a buried treasure. Our clay teddy bear pirate ornament will look great on the Christmas tree!

Pirate-Halloween-Ornaments4)  Fairy. With magical fairy wings and magical fairy dust, what little girl would not want to dress up as a fairy for Halloween! Our precious fairy ornament looks as pretty as your own little fairy princess.

Fairy-Halloween-Ornaments5)  Pumpkin. I see a lot of “little pumpkins” out trick-or-treating on Halloween. This is such a cute costume and so is our pumpkin ornament!


 3 Trending Halloween Costumes for Kids

This year, popular Halloween costumes for kids are Minions, Ninja Turtles and Princess Elsa. Our sister website, OrnamentShop.com is keeping up with trending Costume Halloween ornaments.

1)  Minions. Kids love the movie Despicable Me, and who would not love to dress up as a cute little minion!

Minion Halloween Ornaments2)  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Boys love to dress up and pretend to fight like their favorite Ninja Turtle! Leo, Mike, Don or Raphael, whoever their favorite, we have an ornament for them!

Ninja Turtles Halloween Ornaments3)  Princess Elsa. The popular movie Frozen has found a special place in many little girls’ hearts. Girls are having fun singing Let It Go just like Princess Elsa, and they want to dress up in her beautiful gown for a Halloween costume.

Frozen Halloween OrnamentsI hope you enjoyed seeing all of our Halloween ornaments! We hope the kids find the perfect Halloween costumes and we wish you a spooky and safe Halloween!