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Some of the most memorable Christmas gifts we can receive are those that our children make with their own little hands.  Here are some inexpensive and easy homemade Christmas gifts kids can make for teachers, friends and family.

4 Easy Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make At Home

1.  A coupon book

Easy Christmas gifts kids can make are coupon books to give to a parent, grandparent or caregiver. Each coupon will be good for a chore or something nice that can be done for someone. The adults choose the time when they would like to redeem their coupon.  All the child needs to do is cut paper in to small coupon size sheets, punch holes in the pages and tie with a ribbon.  They can write things like “I will pick up my room” or “I will take the dog for a walk”.

2.  Cookie Ingredients in Jar with Recipe

Ask your child pick out their favorite cookie recipes for these Christmas gifts kids can make.  Let your child measure out the dry ingredients and layer the sugar, flour, chocolate chips etc. in a glass jars with lids.  To make the cookies the recipient only needs to add the liquid ingredients.  Tie decorative cards with the recipe instructions on the jars with a ribbon.  They can also put a white sticker label on the front of the jars and write who it is to and from.  Attach our Cookie Monster ornament so they know it is from their “favorite little cookie monster!”


3.  Rock Paperweights

Have your child go into the yard and find some nice size rocks for these Christmas gifts kids can make.  Let them paint the rocks or cover them with fabric using fabric glue.  They can write the recipient’s name, initials or meaningful saying on the rocks.  Another clever idea is to find or purchase a smooth surfaced rock and paint it with chalkboard paint.  Have a piece of chalk handy next to the paperweight to write messages on.  These are a perfect paperweight and desk accessory for mom, dad or teacher.

4.  Book Marks

Bookmarks are easy Christmas gifts kids can make.  Pre-School children can decorate strips of paper with stickers, paint or markers. They can write “I love to read!” or the recipient’s name on the book mark. Older children can cut holiday greeting cards to the size of a bookmark and tie a ribbon at the top.  If you have an older child who is learning to sew, they can sew felt bookmarks.  These make a perfect gift for proud Grandparents who enjoy reading.  If your child creates bookmarks for gifts, you may want to include a new book or a book ornament for the book lover.

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Hope you enjoyed and agree that these are very easy homemade Christmas gifts kids can make.  Make long lasting memories with these gift ideas.  Please share with other parents, friends and teachers.

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