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Today we want to show you how fun, fast and easy it will be to make a cute knitting ornament. It will be a great gift for knitter you know and love!

Just follow this step-by-step tutorial to get started!

knitting ornament on tree

Materials you’ll need to make the knitting ornament:

– a glass orb ornament.
– a skein of beautiful yarn.
– two wooden skewers.
– two small felt balls (felted beads can be purchased in The Magic Onions Shop).
– school glue.
– twine for hanging.
– scissors.

knitting ornament materials

Instructions for Making This Cute Knitting Ornament!

Begin by wrapping the yarn around the glass orb. It is quite tricky at first as the yarn want’s to slip off the glass. If you hold it in place with your thumb, you’ll be able to keep it together pretty well.


Continue to wrap the yarn around the orb… every which way.


Until your glass orb starts to resemble a wonderful ball of wool.

Trim and tuck in the loose end of yarn so that it looks neat and tidy.


Now let’s make the knitting needles.

With the sharp end of your scissors, make a hole in the felt ball.


Put a little glue on the blunt end of the wood skewer and push it into the hole you have just made in the felt ball.


Push the knitting needles through the yarn ball ornament for that perfect knitting look.

Tie a little twine to hang your yarn ornament on the Christmas tree.  This makes a great hand-made gift for grandma this Christmas season!


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