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Hi!  My name is Jenny and I work at ChristmasOrnaments.com.  I’m very excited Dianne asked me to share my Valentine’s Day DIY project with all of you!  What I love most about this project is the fact that it is easy, and fun for kids (and adults) of all ages!  A candy heart picture frame is perfect to use as a Valentine’s Day decoration, or a sweet gift to give to someone special on Valentine’s Day.

Everyone loves to receive a special picture.  Whether it’s a photo of a child, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, it will be extra special when it is put into this conversation candy heart picture frame!.

Materials for Candy Heart Picture Frame

Materials for Candy Heart Picture Frame

Materials needed to make a Conversation Candy Heart Picture Frame:

  • A plain picture frame.  Dollar stores are a great place to find these.  If it is not perfect it is ok because the hearts will be covering the frame!
  • One bag of candy conversation hearts.  One bag was enough for me to cover two frames.  If you are doing several frames you will need more candy hearts.
  • A hot glue gun with hot glue sticks or extra strength craft glue.
  • Extra embellishments, if desired, like wood pieces with words written on them.

Let’s make the Candy Heart Picture Frame!

First make sure the frame is clean so the glue will have no problem adhering to the frame.

After the hot glue gun is heated up, place a dab of glue on the back of a heart.  Press and hold the heart in the desired spot on the frame.

Candy Heart Picture Frame - Step 2

Continue the process of hot gluing the candy hearts until the entire frame is covered with hearts.

On this frame I added a small, wooden heart to the top left corner.

Let the glue dry one hour before placing the picture in the frame.

Finished Candy Heart Picture Frame!

Now add a favorite picture!  I made both of these frames with my teenage daughter.  She put a picture of her travel softball team in one, and a picture from her school’s Homecoming dance in the other.

Candy Heart Picture Frame

These frames make a cute Valentine’s Day decoration, or year round decoration for your home!  They will look great displayed on a front hall table, fireplace mantle or in a child’s bedroom.

Candy Heart Picture Frame displayed on Front Hall Table

Candy Heart Picture Frame displayed on Front Hall Table


So there you have it!  Hope you have fun making a frame and surprising someone with a special gift from you!   Please feel free to share this with your friends and family!

Happy Valentine’s Day from ChristmasOrnaments.com!