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America has developed a cupcake craze over the last decade with boutique cupcake shops opening all over!  Now, the craze has made its way to ChristmasOrnaments.com!  It’s our pleasure to show you how to make your own fun and unique Cupcake Christmas ornament for your tree this year.  This Christmas craft will be a hit with the kids!

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to get started!


Materials you’ll need to make this Cupcake Christmas Ornament:

– a glass or plastic ornament orb.
– a cup cake liner.
– a paper cup.
– brown paint and a paintbrush.
– school glue.
– a red felt bead (felted beads can be purchased in The Magic Onions Shop).
– a little stick.
– scissors, a needle and thread.

Cupcake Christmas Ornament Materials

Instructions for Making this Cupcake Christmas Ornament!

Start by removing the silver hanging cap on the orb.

Paint the orb brown. It’s easiest if you put your finger into the hole from the cap to hold the orb steady while you paint.

Set the painted orb on a paper cup to dry. You may need two or three coats of brown paint until it looks like yummy chocolate.


When the brown paint is completely dry, put glue into the base of the cupcake liner and set the brown orb, at a slight angle in the glue to dry.


Once it has stuck fast in the cupcake liner, paint the top half of the ‘cupcake’ with glue and sprinkle it liberally with sprinkles.


While the glue on the sprinkles is drying, prepare the cherry for on top.

With your scissors, make an incision into the red felt bead and cut away the inside felt from the bead so that it becomes hollow inside. You will need this hole to fit over the hole of the cupcake orb.

With your needle and thread, make a hanging loop through the top of the red felt bead.

Make a small hole in the felt with the sharp end of your scissors and, with a little glue on the end, push in the stick into the felt.

Voila… you have a delicious looking cherry!


Fill the inside of the cherry with glue.


Stick it onto the top of your cupcake Christmas ornament!

When the glue has dried completely, you can hang your yummy cupcake with sprinkles ornament onto your Christmas tree.

Doesn’t this cupcake Christmas ornament look good enough to eat?


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This tutorial was designed and written by Donni Webber from The Magic Onions Blog – www.theMagicOnions.com. Donni lives with her family in sunny Southern California. She is the mom of two sunbursts of joy, Kitty and Teddy. She is also a wife, blogger, crafter, knitter, gardener, explorer and traveler.

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