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A “first pet” for many children is a pet goldfish!  A great way for you to have your goldfish become part of the family tree is to make a creative goldfish ornament!  This pet keepsake is one your child will love to make and hang on the tree this year and for years to come!  A beautiful fishbowl goldfish ornament!

goldfish ornament

Materials you will need to make this awesome goldfish ornament:

-Orange Sculpey clay (found at your local craft store)
-Two round white seed beads (found at your local craft store)
-Glass orb (found at your local craft store)
-An assortment of shells (found at your local craft store)
-A thick needle (found at your local craft store)
-Nylon string (found at your local craft store)

goldfish ornament materials

Instructions for making this goldfish ornament that looks like a fishbowl!

Begin by making the goldfish from the orange Sculpey clay.

Roll the clay into 5 balls; one large ball for the body. Two medium balls for the tail and two small balls for the lips.


Test that the body ball is the right size to fit through the opening of the glass orb.

Now, let’s make the tail of our fish.

Use the two medium sized balls.


Squeeze the balls together on one end to join them.

Fatten them a little into a tail shape and connect it to the round body ball.



Now let’s make our fish some fish-lips.

We will use the two small balls of clay.

Squeeze the balls together on one end like you did to form the tail above. Connect the nice juicy lips to the round body ball.

Add the two seed bead eyes and… voila… you have made a cute little goldfish!

Before you bake him in the oven to make him hard, use a needle to make a hole through his body so that you can hang him later.

Bake him at 275 F (130 C) for 15 minutes until hard.


Let’s make the fishbowl.

Fill it with shells to about a third of the way up.


Connect the goldfish to the ornament top with a piece of nylon string and make a knot under the fish at just the right height so that he looks like he is swimming in his fishbowl.


Isn’t he sweet!

Dried moss adds a little seaweed texture to your fun goldfish ornament.

This goldfish ornament will be a favorite for sure!


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