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Parents everywhere are getting prepared to do their annual back to school dance! It’s back to school time and many tween and teenage girls will be looking for fun locker decorations! When I was in school, we would decorate our lockers with a couple of pictures and our class schedules. Today, decorating lockers is an art and a way for girls to express their personalities. There are locker decoration kits you can buy that come complete with mini chandeliers, wallpaper, picture frames and mirrors.  Today, we present you with some ideas so you can get creative making your own locker decorations!

Get Creative with your Locker Decorations!
(Great for Refrigerators too!)

Girls have so much fun expressing themselves! I think this is a lot of fun, and want to share a fun way to use Christmas ornaments as locker decorations! These will also look great hanging on “mom’s locker” (the refrigerator) to display school artwork or well done test papers!

Here is a fun and easy way to make your own ornament magnets for school locker decorations, and for your home!

Make Your Own Ornament Magnets


-Strong, Multi-Surface Glue

-Strong Magnets (I purchased at Hobby Lobby)

-Permanent Markers/Paint Pens

-Your Favorite Ornaments (make sure the ornament has a flat backside)

locker decorations materials

Step One: Put glue on one side of the magnet and adhere it to the back of the ornament. (for heavier ornaments you may want to use two magnets.) Press and hold the magnet onto the ornament then let dry.


Step Two: Use a permanent marker or colorful paint pen to write a name or message on the ornament.


Step Three: Place magnets in a locker to hold up pictures or team game and practice schedules!


Step Four: Place on the refrigerator to display works of art and notes for the family!


Christmas ornaments make great gifts for teachers! Add a magnet on the back, and they can display it in their classroom after they take their Christmas tree down. Teachers use dry erase boards in their classrooms and many of them are magnetic. Look how cute this apple teacher ornament magnet looks displayed on the board!


Christmas ornaments are wonderful keepsakes to celebrate milestones and accomplishments.   Whether you plan on using the magnets for locker decorations or for refrigerator magnets, I hope you like this idea for using Christmas ornaments for year round decorating! The best part is, at Christmastime, you can hang the ornament magnets on the family Christmas tree!

Get creative and make magnets for all occasions! We have a wide selection of hobbies, occupations and pet Christmas ornaments! So have fun shopping ChristmasOrnaments.com and finding the perfect ornament that matches your personality! If you make an ornament magnet please take a picture and share it with us! Have fun, and best of luck to your family with the upcoming school year!