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Hi ChristmasOrnaments.com friends! I told Dianne about this wonderful Sandy Beach Ornament I made and she’s so excited for me to share it with you today!

Ornaments are not only for Christmas. I have an Aunt who lives in a beautiful beach cottage. She has invited us to spend a couple of weeks with her in the Summer… we are more than excited!

In thinking about how to thank her for her wonderful offer, my kids and I decided to make a special ornament for her. We wanted it to add to the beachy feeling of her cottage… an ornament that can go on her Christmas tree come the holidays but also, an ornament that can be hung in her cottage, year round, to remind her of our fun visit. This is the beach ornament gift we made for Aunt Susan.

Beach Ornament

Sandy Beach Ornament

Steps to make a Sandy Beach Ornament

Materials for beach ornament :

  • Glass Globe (found at your local craft shop)
  • Sand (found at your local beach, sandpit or craft shop)
  • Small Shells (found at your local beach or craft shop)
  • A Toothpick (we didn’t have a toothpick but we did have a cocktail umbrella… we used the stick from that :-)
  • Paper and Glue
  • Tweezers

Beach Ornament Materials

Step 1 – We rolled a piece of paper into a makeshift funnel and used it to pour the sand into our glass globe, filling the globe about a quarter full.

Step 2 ~ My 6 year old, Teddy, was the shell man… he had a great time dropping the little shells into the globe, one by one.

Step 3 ~ Once All the shells were inside the globe, I made a simple ‘Beach’ sign. I wrote beach on a piece of paper, glued it onto the toothpick and carefully inserted it into the globe using tweezers, sinking the sharp end of the stick into the sand.

Step 4 ~ Back on with globe’s top and Voila!! A gorgeous beach ornament, with a sandy beach right there in the globe… we look at it wistfully, longing for our beach cottage adventures to begin.

If you have enjoyed making this beach ornament with me, be sure to check back soon as I will be hosting many more DIY ornament tutorials on The ChristmasOrnaments.com blog.  Please share this on your Facebook page, Twitter or Pin on a Pinterest board!

Blessings and magic,


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