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My daughter’s softball season had come to an end, and it was time for me to plan another softball team party. I searched for new softball party ideas on the internet and did not find much. Dianne thought it would be helpful if I share some of my party ideas with you on our blog. I am happy to share my softball party ideas with all of our friends at ChristmasOrnaments.com!

Fun Softball Party Ideas

  • Ice Cream Party

Since this was the fourth party I hosted, with some of the same players and families, I wanted to do something different. In the past, I provided the main dish, and asked each family to bring either a side dish or a dessert. This year I hosted the party the day after the team arrived from a week long tournament so I wanted to keep it simple for everyone. Therefore, I had a “make your own ice cream sundae” party!   We had chocolate and vanilla ice cream along with all the toppings!

softball party ideas - ice cream

  • Memories

My husband, Jeff, is the head coach of the team. This was his final season coaching after seven years! He came up with his own softball party ideas! He displayed team plaques, photo albums and pictures. The girls had fun looking back on how much fun they had, and laughed at how much they have changed over the years!

softball party ideas - memories

  • Assistant Coach’s Gifts

My husband gave each of his assistant coaches a signed softball. He wrote the year and the team’s record on the front, and he asked each girl on the team to sign the balls. This is a nice memento they can display on a shelf or desktop.

softball party ideas - coach gift

  • Team Mom Gift

We wanted to thank our team mom for taking pictures during the season, booking our hotel rooms, and for keeping us organized! The team bought her a gift certificate to Starbucks (her favorite place), and the coaches gave her a bottle of wine and a wood sign that the girls wrote their name and number on. I used paint pens to write the team name and year, and the girls signed it using a green paint pen.

softball party idea - mom gift

Softball Player Gift

Our team mom made each softball player their own DVD! She captured many memories with the pictures she took throughout the season, and used them to create a DVD. In the video, she has a segment for each player set to music. She also included a team roster with the DVD. We watched the DVD all together, and it was definitely the highlight of the party! The girls loved it, and they will have a memory to last a lifetime!


Coach Gift

The girls came up with some softball party ideas too! One of the girls on the team gave each coach a picture frame with a thank you note from her displayed in it.

The girls came up with a clever and funny idea for a head coach gift. They put together a list of all their favorite “Coach Jeff Quotes”! At the party, each girl said their memorable quotes! It was really funny and the coach’s were impressed that the girls actually were listening to them out on the field!


click image to see coach’s quotes!


I hope you found my softball party ideas helpful! I really like that all these ideas are thoughtful, personal, and will help everyone commemorate a wonderful season. ChristmasOrnaments.com sells a variety of sports ornaments  to commemorate all kinds of athletic seasons. You can make our ornaments even more special if you write a name on the ornament! All you need is a permanent marker. Another fun activity for a party is to buy each girl on the team an ornament and let them personalize it themselves! Or, if you would rather leave to personalizing to someone else, visit our sister website, www.ornamentshop.com. When you place an order there, we will write the names on the ornaments, and then send them to you! PARTY ON!