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super bowl of many firsts - broncos vs seahawks

Super Bowl XLVIII is shaping up to be a Super Bowl of many firsts.  The people of New York and New Jersey are proud to host the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl on February 2, 2014 at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Historic Year for Football with a Super Bowl of Many Firsts


A Super Bowl of many firsts so historic it takes two states to host it!  It is the first time two football franchises-the Jets and the Giants-and two states have hosted the big game.  New York and New Jersey are committed to hosting the very first cold-weather Super Bowl at Met Life Stadium.  They both agree it’s football like it was meant to be played-in the open, exposed to whatever winter throws their way.  Met Life stadium is the only stadium to serve as the home field to two NFL teams, the Giants and Jets.  The New York and New Jersey region will join together and provide visiting fans an unparalleled Super Bowl experience.

super bowl of many firsts - Metlife Stadium


This Super Bowl of many firsts will be held in the Northeast-or outside in cold weather for the first time.  This will be the first time the Super Bowl will have to face potentially big weather challenges.  The New York and New Jersey Super Bowl host committee will be on top of the weather for Sunday’s game.  Clearing the roadways and stadium site to ensure safe conditions will be top priority with approximately 400,000 visitors expected to come to the area for game-related events, and about 80,000 attending the game.  Removing snow from all travel routes will be critical to safely moving visitors around the region on Sunday.  The host committee said they need to be prepared for anything and everything. Weather can range from sunshine and mild temps to blizzard-like conditions.


Unlike past Super Bowls, at this Super Bowl of many firsts, fans will not be able to walk from their hotel room to the stadium. It’s the first “mass transit Super Bowl” relying heavily on trains and buses in the congested northern New Jersey and New York City Region.  Football fans will be putting the driving in the hands of the professional bus, train and subway drivers at this year’s Super Bowl.  With so many out of town visitors who are unfamiliar with getting around the city, the Super Bowl committee is glad the driving will be done by those who know their way around the city.


Watch the Super Bowl of many firsts on Sunday, February 2nd to see if any more “Super Bowl firsts” can be accomplished on the field!  Maybe new passing or receiving yard records will be set or the Seattle Seahawks will win their first ever Super Bowl!

Other notable facts about this big game:

  • Peyton Manning was born March 24, 1976 and Russell Wilson was born Nov. 29, 1988.  This is the biggest age difference between starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, ever!
  • The difference between Seattle’s points allowed on Defense and Denver’s points scored on Offense is the largest gap between opponents in Super Bowl history. The Seahawks allowed just 231 points on Defense, while The Broncos scored 606 points in the regular season for a differential of 375 points.
  • The Seahawks don’t have any players with Super Bowl experience!
  • Peyton Manning set the record this year for most Touchdowns and Passing Yards in a season.  No Super Bowl-winning team has ever had the NFL’s leading passer from the regular season.

From all of us at ChristmasOrnaments.com enjoy the game!