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Christmas is a time in which family traditions come alive and every family celebrates the holidays in their own way. In our Symbols of Christmas Series of ornaments, the fourth of nine symbols is the Candy Cane.

Why Is The Candy Cane A Christmas Favorite?

Candy Cane OrnamentThe candy cane has its origins in Germany and was created over 250 years ago. They began as candy sticks that were white in color because they were made of hardened sugar. Legend has it that these tasty treats were distributed to children during the extra long Christmas nativity service to keep them quiet and occupied!

As early as 1882, their shape was changed and the curve added so that they could be hung on the Christmas tree as a decoration that children could then eat on Christmas morning. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that stripes were added making them a prettier decoration. At that time the peppermint flavor was added, making them irresistible holiday treats to both children and adults.

Since then, the candy cane has evolved dramatically to include a rainbow of colors and variety of flavors such as different fruits. They come in many sizes, a small size for stirring hot chocolate or a gigantic size that would take thousands of licks to finish! For DIY crafters, you can even make a heart for loved ones by putting two candy canes together with a bit of frosting.

A Religious Controversy Regarding The Candy Cane

In order to attach more religious significance to the candy cane, religious teachers and others use the candy cane to symbolize Jesus. According to the teachings, the white represents the purity of Jesus, the red refers to the blood of Christ and the peppermint stands for the hyssop plant used in ancient times to purify the Bible. They also show children that the candy cane shape itself can be a J like Jesus’s name or it can represent the shepherd’s crook, another sign commonly used for Jesus.

On one side you have the religious teachers using the candy cane as a tool for religious education, showing the symbolism of the importance of Jesus. Others believe that this sweet treat has simply become a sign that Christmas is coming. Any way you look at it, the candy cane is a holiday tradition!

Get Your Christmas Candy Cane Here!

Create a new family tradition with The Christmas Candy Cane ornament from ChristmasOrnaments.com. Each candy cane ornament comes with a hangtag to share the legend of the special ornament with you. The hangtag says, “Children were rewarded for good behavior with this tasty decoration.”

The day after Christmas, December 26th, has been designated National Candy Cane Day. So grab one of these refreshing peppermint sticks and enjoy it like the children of long ago.

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