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Don’t let finding a Valentine’s Day gift for your Valentine be difficult or stressful!  You know this special person in your life better than anyone!  Take a minute to think about what activities, fashions and cuisine are their favorites and go from there!  Here are some sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

5 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1.       A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Whether it is a romantic bed and breakfast to get away from the hustle and bustle, or your valentine is ready to hit the clubs in the city, weekend getaways are awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas!  You can find some amazing deals on overnight hotel packages for Valentine’s Day weekend.  A great place to start your search is www.hotels.com.

valentine's day gift ideas - trip to NYC

2.       Jewelry  

If you are interested in buying jewelry for your girlfriend or wife, take a moment to think about what she likes to wear the most.  Hopefully you have been observant!   Some women prefer to wear necklaces over bracelets or vice versa.  Also take notice if she likes to wear gold, silver, gemstones or diamonds.  If you are buying for your husband or boyfriend, look and see if he needs a new watch.  Maybe he could use a new dress watch to wear to work or a sporty watch for casual weekends.  If he really deserves it, get him both!

valentine's day gift ideas - ring

3.       Wine or Beer of the Month Club Membership

Do you enjoy sharing drinks with each other?  Is your valentine a wine or beer connoisseur?  Unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas are memberships to wine or beer of the month clubs.  To give you an option on how much you want to spend, the clubs give you the choice to sign up for 3 months, 6 months, or a year.  The beer club will send your valentine hard to find specialty microbrews, and the wine club will deliver bottles of wine that have been carefully selected by professional wine tasters.  There are many club choices, just search the internet to find the best one for your valentine.  It will be fun to receive the shipments and to cuddle up and enjoy!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Wine

4.       Cuisine

Does your valentine like fine dining or is a casual setting more to his or her liking?  Going out for dinner on Friday night, February 14th, would be a nice treat at the end of the week!  Make advance dinner reservations if you plan on going to a trendy restaurant.  Maybe there is a restaurant your Valentine has wanted to try for a while now, go there!  A sports restaurant/bar might be the perfect place for your boyfriend or husband.  Pick a place you know would be the most comfortable for them and they will be happy to share a romantic dinner for two.


5.       Pictures

Personal photos are intimate Valentine’s Day gift ideas!  A special photograph in a frame or a picture frame ornament is a thoughtful way to reminisce about your relationship or marriage.  If you have multiple pictures of you both, commemorate these good times in a photo album or a collage picture frame.  These are sure to bring back fun memories for both of you.  You could even hire a professional photographer and schedule a photo session with your Valentine.  This would be a nice surprise!

picture frame ornament - valentine's day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to remind a special person in your life how much you love and appreciate them.  If you know someone who will find our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas blog helpful, please share this with them!  Happy Valentine’s Day from ChristmasOrnaments.com!