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Cheers everyone! Happy October to you all! My name is Jenny and I am happy to share with you fun DIY project using wine corks! One of my girlfriends loves to entertain. She often hosts dinner parties, Bunco nights and Book Club meetings. While at her house, I noticed she had a collection of wine bottle corks which she kept in a large glass vase. Each time she shares a bottle of wine with friends in her home, she saves the wine corks. She said she likes to save them because they remind her of the good times she has shared with family and friends! I thought this was a neat idea so I began to save some corks too!

Decorate for Fall with Wine Corks

Now I have my own collection of wine corks and I came across this cute way to display them for the fall season! To make this cute DIY you will only need a few supplies. This is a fun way to do something with all the wine corks you have accumulated over time!

Supplies You Will Need:

-Wine Corks
-Orange Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brush
-Hot Glue Gun
-Artificial Leaves and some Paper Straw

wine corks supplies

Let’s Make a Pumpkin Decoration with Wine Corks:

Step one: Using the hot glue gun, glue together the corks until you have each row completed. You can make the rows as long or as short as you want. It just depends on what size pumpkin you would like!

wine corks step 1

Step two:  Hot glue the rows on top of each other. Stacking them up to form the pumpkin shape!

wine corks step 2

Step Three: Turn the pumpkin on its side and paint the front of the cork pieces or paint the corks individually before you start.

wine corks step 3

Step Four: Top off the pumpkin with a wine cork stem! I used an artificial leaf and some craft paper crinkle under the stem to add to the decoration. I took a picture of the finished pumpkin with unpainted corks and painted corks. I think it looks great either way!



Display your pumpkin in the kitchen or on your bar!

wine corks display

Hopefully this DIY has got you thinking about other projects you can make using wine corks! If so, you will just have to enjoy more wine! Maybe there is a cute Christmas decoration you can make! So raise a glass and toast to the wonders of the fall season, and don’t forget to save those corks! Please send us a picture of what you created using your wine corks!

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May we always have Old Wines, Good Friends, and Fleeting Cares