Dear Ornament Shopper…..

I love buying Christmas ornaments. Of course, that’s my business…but for you, our customer, I hope it’s a family tradition enjoyed by young and old! I’ll bet you can easily remember last Christmas, when the children, or grandchildren, in your family first saw the tree on Christmas morning….you know, the look of amazement across their faces!

And, I’ll bet you also know the hows, whens and wheres of buying family-favorite ornaments that provide so much joy? Although I’ve been searching for unique ornaments for some 30+ years, I can still remember in what country I first saw each ornament I’ve bought for this site.

Yes, Christmas ornaments are an essential part of the holiday experience, lending meaningful memories you and your loved ones will cherish and share for years to come. And so many of our customers write us about how they “pass down” ornaments to children. What a wonderful tradition!

So, I hope you have fun shopping our huge selection of over 3,000 Christmas ornaments, that includes a wide-range of hard-to-find, unusual, and handmade ornaments. And, if you’d care to, please send me a note so I’ too, can learn about your family’s long standing traditions featuring ornaments for the holidays.

Dianne Weller, Owner

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