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Baby Animal - Giraffe

Christmas Ornament

SKU: COMW13035

What do giraffes have that no one else has? Baby giraffes! Baby giraffes are amazing animals. Within an hour of being born they learn to walk and stand at 8 feet tall. This baby giraffe ornament is not 8 feet tall but she makes up for the height with how adorable she is! If you have a little sweetie pie who amazes you each and every day, give her this ornament as a gift to show her how special she is to you. This smiling baby giraffe is a soft cream color with pink polka dots. She has the words sweetie pie written on the front and the back of the ornament is painted to match the front. A glittered pink bow is tied in between her horns. She has a pink mane on her neck and a pink sparkly tail. Give this ornament to a family member or friend who recently had a baby girl or tie it to the top of a baby shower gift. Parents or grandparents can hang this on their Christmas tree as a reminder of their little sweetie pie's first trip to the zoo.
Dimensions: 3" x 4 1/4"
Material: Resin

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