- Hello Diane Weller - I want you to know that I appreciate your info and found it more personally worded than most. I found exactly what I was looking for right from the comfort of my home. I know I will be very happy with my choices and enjoy giving them this holiday season. Best regards, Diane M.

11/4/2011 - Dianne... I actually just typed in Christmasornaments.com and your site came up. I have a friend who loves ice cream cone ornaments and I was thrilled to find some on your site, so cute and affordable. She will love these!! Thanks Joan

12/14/2011 - Dear Sirs: Just a short note to say the ornaments arrived yesterday and they are fantastic!! Your web site just doesn't do them credit as to how adorable they are going to be. Thank-you.....thank- you......Will shop again with you.Sincerely, Suzanne K.

1/14/2012 - Dear Dianne Weller: Thank you for fulfilling your promise to deliver this ornament by Christmas. The ornament came on December 24th. Peace, Helen

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