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A Really Easy Kid-Simple Snowman Ornament


raw a snowman shape about 4-inches high on heavier construction paper. It can be white, or even red paper. You can include his top hat or add it later.

Take some white tissue paper and cut it into squares of about 2-inches. A bunch of them. Like maybe 50.

Gently fold the squares in half, then sort of scrunch them up so that they have some "body". Take a glue stick and cover the snowman’s body with a layer of glue and stick the scrunched up pieces of tissue paper all over him so that he ends up looking big and fluffy.

Cut a piece of fuzzy wire (aka a pipe cleaner) about 4-inches long and glue that to the back of the snowman so that it becomes his arms.

Glue a couple of brown M&Ms for eyes (and then eat the rest of the bag).

You could use a red fuzzy wire piece for a smile. And you could add a couple of black dots for buttons.

If you haven’t done a top hat you could cut one out of black construction paper and glue it on his head from the back.

Glue the rest of the white fuzzy wire on the back of the snowman so that it sticks up enough to make a hanger for the tree.

Written by Dianne Weller
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