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ell, to begin with, it’s warm. It can range from 60-80 degrees because December falls in their summertime since they’re way on the other side of the equator.

They’re sort of torn, down there, between wanting to be like the media says Christmas should be with snow and cold and hot cocoa – and the realities of sun, nice weather and no school.

So, they compromise with colored street lights, faux snow and Christmas music and religious services – but do it all in their summer clothes. They like to sing Christmas carols and then go camping or to the beach.

Because of their colonial history there is a multi-hued tradition of Dutch, British, Belgian and French influences on the way some South Africans celebrate Christmas. Some call Santa Sinterklaas and many eat a Christmas pudding called Lekker Pudding that has an apricot base instead of plum.

According to the South Africa tourist people, an increasing number of Northern Europeans are spending Christmas in South Africa.

Written by Dianne Weller
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