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Christmas Outfits Are Going to the Dogs


ell, you can dress up your dog at least.

Cats, not so much.

There are a bunch of doggy dress-up sites on the Web. Many, if not most, offer a variety of Christmas outfits that range from collars to Santa suits to elfin wear to reindeer antlers. The outfits come in sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane and actually might look cute on Fido or Rex or Queenie.

If you can keep them on, and your pooch will cooperate, you can shoot digital images that can be made into Christmas cards or as a seasonal Facebook image for you (assuming that the pooch in question doesn’t have his or her own fb page.)

The sort of middle-of-the-road outfits – the ones with few components and easy fastening devices – do dress up your pup when going out for a walk. They’re great conversation starters and have the added value of providing additional warmth in the cold weather. If you live where it’s warm much of the time – well, they look cute anyway.

On the other hand, if a cat owns you, you’re pretty much out of luck for Christmas wear. Even the high-end Web sites don’t offer much. Meow Wear and Seasonal Cat, as a couple of examples, offer at most a seasonal collar. There’s nary a Santa suit nor reindeer antlers in their cat-alogs. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Some of the dog apparel sites do offer smaller versions of some of their outfits that they say might be suitable for cats (and ferrets, for some reason) but they don’t offer any advice on how to a) get it on the cat or b) keep it on the cat.

So, if you have a dog who likes to celebrate the holidays, check out some of the Christmas clothing for dogs sites. Just don’t expect to find the same kind of variety for kitty. They know better. [Editor’s note: the opinions of the writer, a dog person, do not necessarily reflect those of the management.]

Written by Dianne Weller
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