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Christmas presents for young


nless you’re their mom and they’re under 10 and can buy them socks and underwear they’re practically impossible to buy for.

If they’re still growing you can never get the size right. If they’ve stopped growing you can’t get the current style right. There’s nothing “safe” you can get in the clothing department any more.

Video games might be one possibility but which “platform” do they have? Playstation? Which model? Wii? What accessories are needed? What do they already have? What will their parents let them have?

What about an iTunes gift card? Batteries? Lithium are best because they last much longer in tech gadgets like MP3 players.

What about a decorative charging station for all of their electronic gear? They take the separate cords and other charging-related paraphernalia and hide them under a (sometimes) stylish exterior. They work for iPads, iPhones, Kindles – almost any kind of boy-toy your young male recipient may own now or in the future. Unless you choose a really high-end version you’re in the $25-$50 price range.

There are also protective cases and covers for various electronic devices. Some are less cool than others so you might want to consider asking for a peer-level consultation before acquiring one.

If you really want to splurge, though, what about an iPad? They start at $499 and go up from there. But, they’re not the only tablet device on the block. iPads are limited to Apple-approved external applications (those “apps” everyone is talking about.) Tablets that use the Android operating system offer some different choices as well as versions of those popular programs like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. The Android system-based tablets also offer something called “flash” which Apple devices don’t. Flash is actually a programming tool that make many Web sites do the things that they do – such as make it possible to watch your favorite baseball team live on your Android device (that’s via MLB At Bat, $14.95 at the Android market.)

One problem with giving a young male a tablet device is that he will have a tough time keeping it from the rest of the family.

Written by Dianne Weller
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