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Christmas Table Candles Made With Marshmallows


f you’re looking for something "cute" to go on your Christmas table then here’s a possibility.

Take a plump marshmallow and stick a birthday candle in it. It could be red or green depending on what you have

Tie either a red or green Life Saver around the marshmallow – to either go with or contrast with the candle. You can tie it with a ribbon or some monofilament fishing line so that it disappears. (The problem with that is that it disappears too well – making it almost impossible to deal with. Don’t try to fuse the line with a heat gun as one way to avoid tying the stuff or you’ll end up with toasted marshmallows.)

Place one at each place at the table – or on a decorative plate in the center. Be careful lighting them or you’ll also get toasted marshmallows.

You could also use the marshmallow as the base for place cards but that’s covered elsewhere

Written by Dianne Weller
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