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Decorating for Christmas

Christmas Table Decorations – It’s all about styling


o it’s your turn to have the family over for Christmas dinner. Whether you have it on Christmas Eve or Day – or have it as one of a series of additional dinners others are having during the season as well – your table has to be as appetizing as the food.

You can start out by layering.

A solid color tablecloth by itself can be pretty ordinary. Try using it instead as a backdrop for additional layers: lace, for instance, allows the base color to show through but not overwhelm. You could then add a runner that complements or contrasts with the base. Perhaps even add an additional, narrower, runner on top of that one. You could then try adding additional runners that go across the table instead of down its length. These, then, could do double duty as placemats. As an alternative, individual round placemats can serve as chargers for a totally personal touch. When you’re through, even before you’ve added a centerpiece or Grandma’s silver, your table will say a lot about you and the meal that lies ahead.

The centerpiece can be simple or showy – but shouldn’t be so tall that guests can’t see each other over it. What about creating a wreath, using evergreens and pinecones and glass ornaments, and placing an antique soup tureen or other serving piece that’s seldom used? You can then fill it with more ornaments. You could bring out several hurricane lamps – they don’t have to match – and unify them by tying matching bows at their base and identical candles inside them. They create a festive glow and guests can see through them even if they’re tall.

Battery-powered LED lights can now add a touch of magic to a centerpiece. They can make a wreath glow by hiding in the greenery. They can make a poinsettia sparkle. If you’ve decided on the layering approach to your table they can lie between the base fabric and the lace without fears of overheating or damage to the fabric. The effect will be like moonlight reflecting off snow.

Don’t forget placecards. Have the kids do the lettering for a change. Do some forward planning and take digital photos of the guests you plan on having for Christmas dinner during the summer and fall. Then make their placecards for dinner in December by using just a small color photo from a warmer part of the year.

Whatever you do, plan ahead. And then do all of your decorating at least the day before. That way you can concentrate on cooking – and getting compliments.

Written by Dianne Weller
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