A couple of Christmas crafts

Marshmallow candles


Take a full-sized Kraft marshmallow (perhaps left over from s’mores last summer) and put it flat side down on a solid surface, such as a tabletop. Tie a Lifesaver™ vertically and perpendicular to what is now its “side” using yarn that either contrasts or coordinates with the chosen Lifesaver™ flavor (lime Lifesaver™ and red yarn work especially well together). This serves as a handle. Finally, insert a birthday candle into the top of the marshmallow. Caution: these are much better as decorations than as a light source. We don’t recommend lighting them.

Ecological swags

Take cranberries (or popcorn) and thread them onto a long length of fishing line – perhaps five or six feet or even longer. Place the strings of cranberries (or popcorn) decoratively around your Christmas tree or somewhere else that’s appropriate. After Twelfth Night (or whenever you take your tree down) place the strings on small trees or bushes in your yard to provide feed for the local birds.

Plan ahead for next year

When you go to your local Farmers’ Market (and you should!) next Fall, look for interestingly shaped gourds. Check to see that there are no punctures in the skin of the gourds. Take them home and hang them in a cool location using cotton string. Let them dry thoroughly. Sand off any mold that may have developed (don’t worry, it shouldn’t hurt the gourd or you – but ask your local state Agricultural Extension Service Agent to make sure. Then you can paint the gourds with spray paints in solid colors such as Gold or Bronze, or whatever suits your fancy and put them in a basket, on the tree or wherever you’d like.

Written by Dianne Weller

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