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Decorating for Christmas

Family-Friendly Christmas Tree Table Centerpiece Project


t’s an aroma-filled table-top “evergreen” tree.

This is a pretty easy project and one that relatively young children can help with – or not.

If you have some screen wire sitting around you can use that, or go to your local hardware store (or Big Box) and get something called hardware cloth or, as an alternative, chicken wire.

Cut the wire fabric into a rectangle depending on how big you want the finished tree to be – say 18 inches long by a foot wide. Form the fabric into a cone shape. and secure the shape with floral wire. You should then end up with a foot-high “form” for your tree.

You can go on a family hunt for evergreen branches that you can attach to your cone or cut aromatic plants – such as lavender, rosemary or other herbs – you have growing in your garden. You can also mix things up and have a variety of smallish branches or stems. Place the most attractive one at the top of the cone and then work your way down, sticking the ends of your plant material into the fabric and securing it there with more of the floral wire if necessary. If you have a glue gun then this becomes a one-time project. Using floral wire makes replacing the plant material much easier.

Once your “tree” is done you can add “decorations” –small ornaments, dried fruit or even battery-powered LED lights – or leave it as is. You might want to put it on a small tray and add some “snow” around it.

When it’s on your table be sure not to get open flames, such as candles, too near it.

Written by Dianne Weller
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