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Making a Wreath With Styrofoam and a Hanger


his is pretty simple and has some variations – but it’s built around a simple wire coat hanger. Thanks to Dorsey Conners, Chicago television’s queen of coat hanger art, for the long-remembered inspiration.

First, take a wire coat hanger and use a pair of pliers to unwind the part where the end attaches to the hook part so that you end up with a longish piece of wire with the hook at one end and the curly part that was wrapped around it at the other end.

Then, form the wire into a circle, leaving the hook end intact – but don’t reattach the curly end yet.

Take several Styrofoam balls and spray paint them. The number will depend on the size of the balls – the larger the diameter the fewer you’ll need. You can use gold (in which case you can spray the hanger while you’re at it) or green (go ahead and spray the wire green as well) or leave them white (and, in this case, you might want to use a white hanger.)

Once they’re dry skewer them on the wire circle until it’s full.

Reattach the curly end to the hook end and you have a wreath – with a built-in hanger.

You could also decorate the Styrofoam balls with sequins or glue pens and sparkle.

Written by Dianne Weller
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