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Quick & Easy Kid-Friendly Styrofoam Christmas Ornaments


hese are pretty simple and might be good for kid projects.

Take a square of fabric large enough to wrap around a Styrofoam ball and have some left over to tie closed. It can be Christmassy fabric or whatever goes best with your tree. Tie the fabric closed with a strip of the same fabric, or something that contrasts, or use a long "fuzzy wire" (aka a pipe cleaner) and leave enough of that to use to attach the new ornament to the tree. The fabric version could be tied in a bow while the wire closure could be formed into a hook.

Kids can use magic markers to come up with their own decorations. Or gel pens or glitter pens. They can write little phrases – Joy or Peace or Love or 2011 or Grandma or whatever – or just make drawings of snowmen or reindeer.

They can use glue sticks and attach something cut out from last year’s Christmas card collection (you still have that, don’t you?) Failing that, they can cut something interesting out of a magazine after asking permission first – and with adult guidance if necessary.

Sequins are also good, particularly the kinds with Christmassy shapes.

The end result can be hung on the tree or placed in a bowl as a centerpiece. Another option is to use smaller ones and have the kids write people’s names on them to use as place cards for Christmas dinner.

Written by Dianne Weller
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