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Spray Painting Tips for Christmas Cards


f you’re going to spray paint something – such as pine cones or nuts or other objects – as a Christmas crafting project, we thought we’d remind you of a couple of basic cautions and tips.

Wear safety goggles, especially if you’re painting outside. You don’t want a stray gust of wind blowing paint in your eyes.

Pick up a bag – or better yet a box – of medical gloves at your local drugstore. You know, the ones doctors and nurses and foodservice folks use. You can buy special plastic painting gloves at your hardware store or big box but if you’re doing a quick project it’s more economical to use the surgical ones and toss them (or recycle them) when you’re through. You also don’t have to feel guilty if you have to pull them off to answer the phone or something like that. They also are good for quick cleanup jobs that you’d just as soon not touch with your bare hands.

Try and spray paint with the object inside a large cardboard box. It keeps the spray more contained and out of the wind if you’re doing it outside. You can also use an empty standard garbage can if there are no suitable boxes around. We don’t recommend doing it inside a really big garbage bag because the fumes tend to get trapped in the bag more than they do in a more open container and they’re not good for you… just as it says on the label of the can “use in a well-ventilated space” or something like that.

If you have access to a box from a recent large appliance delivery that’s even better because when it’s lying on its side you can hang the objects you’re painting from the 'top' of the box.

Don’t hold the nozzle too close to what you’re painting. You can use a side-to-side motion by starting the spray slightly before it gets to the object and holding it until it’s slightly past. That reduces drips. And, in some circumstances, you can do quick bursts of spray if, for instance, you need to get into the interior of a pine cone.

Remember to turn the spray paint can upside down and press the trigger until what comes out is clear. That reduces the chances of the nozzle getting clogged up. And, be sure to do that with the nozzle pointed into the box.

Written by Dianne Weller
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