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Make a Woodland Bird Ornament


i, I’m Donni Webber, a writer of my own DIY blog. When Dianne Weller, owner of contacted me to see if I’d be interested in creating some special Christmas ornament DIY projects for her, I was delighted and jumped at the chance to write for this wonderful site that’s full of unique and decorative Christmas Ornaments.

Our craft today is a sweet little bird ornament perched on a mossy branch. He is sure to delight all who see him.

The supplies we needed:

* little birds (found online or at Michaels or Joann's)
* bendable copper wire (from our local hardware store)
* twigs picked up in our yard
* dried moss (foraged from a tree in our back yard but also available at Michaels or Joann's)
* garden scissors
* hot glue gun

Time to make : 15 minutes

Using our garden scissors, we cut our sticks into 3 inch segments.

Just big enough for our sweet little birds to perch upon.

With our pliers, we cut the bendable copper wire into 9 inch lengths. We wrapped the ends of the copper wire around the ends of our little stick perches.

My 5 year-old son, Teddy, is an expert wire cutter and wrapper...

With our hot glue gun, we stuck the birds onto the little sticks.

And we also stuck the dried moss into place with our hot glue gun for a wonderful woodland effect.

A pretty Christmas ribbon tied onto the top of our perch and, Voila!!! Our sweet little bird ornament is ready to be hung onto our Christmas Tree.

Donni Webber : Mom of two sunbursts of joy, wife, crafter, knitter, gardener, explorer, traveler. Come join us on our Waldorf inspired blog, The Magic Onions, where the wonder of childhood and the magic of nature collide to make each moment a precious gift.

How did you like this project? Do you have an ornament project you would like to share? Please send me an email with your comments, ideas, or DIY craft project to

Dianne Weller

Written by Dianne Weller
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