Austrian Eggs

These Christmas ornaments are handpainted by Austrian artisans who work tirelessly to perfect their designs and painting skills. The variety of ten different designs of antique teddy bears offer you a nostalgic tree look with these bears that have separate personalities based on the clothing and props in each image. You will fall in love with our two female bears that look ready to sit at a tea party with your little girl and the impish boy bears who love instruments and like daredevil activities such as riding a unicycle! The love of the work can be seen in the details of the cardinals with snow and glitter accents to their very detailed red birds against the snowy background. And don't forget our child-like snowmen ornaments that are brightly colored and represent the magic of the holiday season. You will love these eggshell ornaments that are meticulously made and a treasure to hang on your tree from Austria.

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Showing 1-2 of 2

Note: some white or light colored ornament images may show a shadow that is not part of the actual ornament

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