Egyptian Glass

Making beautiful glass creations for the past ten years, they have perfected the process of these stunning works of art. Individually handcrafted by Egyptian glass artists, each ornament is handmade in the Egyptian tradition of Christmas ornaments. First the glass is mouth blown, then the design is etched and engraved, 24 karat gold is then used for filling or outlining the design, the item is painted with a special tint for glass and then baked which gives the glass its see-through color that is signature to Egyptian glass ornaments. Only the finest materials are used and so German glass is imported into Egypt where the artists make their lovely creations that are truly treasures and works of art. You will marvel at all of the details that simply can't be seen in our photographs. Take home one of these cherished ornaments today and create a family heirloom that will be admired in the generations of the future.

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Showing 1-2 of 2

Note: some white or light colored ornament images may show a shadow that is not part of the actual ornament

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